Why can't I find players online to play against?

Empty online lobbies are a frustrating element of online multiplayer for any game. Table Tennis Touch is a paid game with a comprehensive single player mode so it doesn't have the huge volume of players required to keep the lobbies consistently populated. There are also no bots in multiplayer (maybe there should be?) - it simply needs more players to be online all at the same time. 🤔 

If you're keen on organising matches with other players whether over iOS or Play Games, then please check our new forums and let's see if we can get some matches organised!

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    Shah Md Maruf Sun

    I can't find any player multipler online mood.plz solved dis

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    Robert Meister

    Me too!

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    Damon White

    Single player mode is great at first, really needs the multiplayer mode sorting too though. Maybe a competition would work to get people online at the same time?

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    Jon Gratton

    I agree


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    Yakuto Support

    Hi guys, sorry you're all having problems finding players online. Unfortunately there's not much more we can say other than what's been said above.

    We're constantly working on getting new players online and we appreciate your continued support. Hopefully the lobbies will pick up soon!

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    12 tl para verdim oyunu ögrendim fakat online oyuncu yok parami iade edin.ayrica table tennis touch raketler cogu zaman topu tutmuyor iska geciyor

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    Nathaniel Henry

    Why can't we play friends online or suggest there be friends online challange area

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    Joerg (Enemy, Airball)

    Greetings from Germany *wink*
    Great job Jakuto, vergessen nice game !
    The sec...
    To play online
    I might have an idea how it would be possible to play online games at certain times. How about if you install 1,2,3 online events ... eg. every 6 hours one, so that the players want to play the online, are bundled according to possibility. Those who know, now something is going on. Let me go online.
    "Team Yakuto" could you put that in?
    it's kinda funny that people in the play store ect. At a really fair price of 10 cents, they think twice whether they buy it ... but in others, although the ftp are in hindsight, 100 times or more per month stuck. ridiculous! Push ne version into the play store which can be played 24 hours sample and after the deadline offers a purchase option.
    the game your work has earned more players.

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    Rap Thor

    Hey if anyone wanna play online? Send me a gamecenter invite as a friend or email me: tygon360@googlemail.com 😏😋 its so sad that there are no players online.. p.s. I play darts fury also! Great Game im lv 180 pls update for more levels in darts fury😎

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