My gems and coins aren't the same on both devices

We don't support live syncing so you will have to sync manually every time.

If you'd like to sync devices please remember that the local data on your devices may be different to your cloud data on your account. When you sign out you will be reset to level 1 without your coins and gems and your data is saved to your account in the cloud. When you sign in we compare your local data and cloud data and select the higher amount of gems and coins.     

To sync your data:

  1. Make sure both devices are actually signed in, you can tell by going to your profile and being able to see your stats.
  2. Sign out of the device with the fewest gems and coins. We'll call this device A.   
  3. Play a match on device B.   
  4. Make sure to wait 30 seconds.
  5. Sign out of device B.  
  6. Sign in on device A.    

If done correctly this should sync your coins and gems. Please be careful while performing this as we don't provide refunds on currency lost through syncing. Our recommendation is to play on one device or have 2 accounts.

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