What are the rules of Cricket?

Cricket is one of the most challenging darts games to explain but once you get it, it's super fun and strategic.

There are only a few targets available on the board to score on (16,17,18,19,20,Bull). Before you can start scoring on a target though, you first need to "open" it. You do that by hitting that target 3 times. That could be three singles or one treble. Once the target is "opened", then it's yours to score on. Your opponent can't score on this number now. Instead, they must try and hit it three times to "close" it and prevent you from scoring.

The game keeps going until all numbers are closed and the winner is the player who ended with most points scored.

Cricket is all about deciding if you're going to try and open, close or score in each round. And that depends on what your opponent is doing in return.

And don't ask why it's called Cricket. No idea.

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    ian gosling

    Do you use automated bots in some of your battle mode games??? I'm pretty sure you do...

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    Smiley Reed

    I learned the game pretty quick. Especially knowing that you need to have some points in order to have a chance to win. At first I loved when an opponent tried to close the windows I opened. I might have 20 and instead of scoring their chasing me. That got old fast. At least open a window and score. Good luck peple.

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    I couldn't agree to the above comment more. Most of my opposition chase me around the board, instead of focusing on getting some score to win. How does one actually explain that to your opposition using the comments. Absolutely impossible, except if your opposition can read my mind. Lol

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