Hello, darts is actually my favourite and now I can even play on my phone! I really love this game, but i think there's a few things that can be improved on! Like maybe add a friends function, to see how your friend are doing and even challenge them! Maybe can add in cricket game mode too! One thing that bothers me a lot is the token! It really takes quite a while to recharge and the tokens are capped at 3! If the recharging speed is faster and the maximum tokens can increase it would be great! This game will be even perfect without having tokens! Cheers!

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    Hi Marcus, thank you for posting on our forums! It's great to hear you enjoy Darts of Fury and that you're interested in seeing some new features. At the moment we are working on a friend VS mode which should release alongside some fun new game modes like Count Up, Shanghai and Cricket! ;) The tokens are something we're observing at the moment, players have been very vocal about them and we're looking into areas of improvement.

    - Eddy

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