Tips to get better :)

So all you guys and gals out there, I have noticed some things about the various matches we play.

I personally have a strategy for my first few darts, but even when I’m am missing the triples or the bull I try to stay within a reasonable distance of my oppponent. That said, the biggest issue aside from missing a shot is know your 2 and especially 3 dart finishes. I win a lot of matches because I plan my next shots bases on where I am. For example, I know my best shots so I will if possible set my next throws up for that, also knowing if I miss first throw how I will toss the next two. I see the good players base to many matches on a bull “50” throw. But when they hit 25 then they have to throw and odd number to set up for the double out. So something like this you have 50 throw 25 now you have 25 then you choose 5 probably hit then go for double 10. Problem is unless your very consistent you’ll miss and give your opponent the chance to win if he/stayed with you in points left. I have won tons of matches that way where by all thinking I should have lost.

So check out all 2/3 dart finishes - it’s in the net somewhere. And plan you next best shots and throw a dart to leave you where you’re best, make the other person win the match! Having 22 for a double 11 with three darts is an decent finish even with missses or hitting 11 then 1 then d5

Hope I wasn’t to winded, have fun hope to see you in a match!

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    Steve Wilson

    Thanks for the tips. I am very good at this game but don't play as much because it's not a real multiplayer game. I can join a game at any time and once the game has started turn all my internet off and still play. So no game is multiplayer.
    I do hope they change this because I am lvl 97 with 3 dart average of 115.48

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    DOF Support (Edited )

    Thanks for the info Chris!! One of the websites I use for checkout guides is this one: 

    It's a little complicated but gives you a full explanation of why you should aim for what number, so you can better understand the safest way to checkout.



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