Is there somewhere that the list of all the achievements you can get in the game? I've gotten gold on everything, now I want to complete all the achievements. I have 53 boosts I've saved that I don't need to use for anything. And Multi-player there are no one to play with and I use wifi on iOS. So it would be nice if I could have a list to check off all the achievements. For example, I just got an achievement for x50 multiplier on half-table. 

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    Sorry for my slow reply but here's what you're after (hope the formatting comes our right). You should also be able to see this information when you select the Trophies options (which is in the Career area).

    By the way, well done for getting the Half Life achievement...that one is very very very rare!

    Bronze Take It To Court Complete your first tournament
    Bronze Rookie Balboa Win your first event
    Bronze Hit It Again Sam Complete 5 tournaments
    Bronze King Of The Hill Win in straight sets
    Bronze Let Them Have It Win a tie break
    Bronze Granny! Win a game 11-0
    Bronze Nil Point Lose a game 0-11
    Bronze Strike A Net Cord Finish 1st in a tournament
    Bronze In The Nick Of Time Win gold in a timed training event
    Bronze Two Cups One Ball Win two events back to back
    Bronze You've Got Balls Win a Throwdown event
    Bronze Wristy Manoeuvring Win a Little House event
    Bronze Bowled Over Win a Skittles event
    Bronze Triple Trouble Attempt the same event 3 times in a row
    Bronze Unlucky For Some Play 13 games
    Bronze Make A Living Hit 50,000 Reputation points
    Bronze Finger Burn Play 75 rallies
    Bronze Go Commando Win a match without BOOST
    Bronze Scrimp And Save Accumulate 20 applications of BOOST
    Silver The Great Escape Come back from 0-10 down to win
    Silver Sure Fire Spinner Win a Squares event
    Silver The Tables Have Turned Win a Half Table event
    Silver National Pride Open the National binder
    Silver Half Life Get a x50 multiplier in Half Table
    Silver Natural Born Spinner Win a tournament without BOOST
    Silver Save For A Rainy Day Accumulate 35 applications of BOOST
    Gold Mister Victory Win all throwdowns
    Gold Racket Abuse Play and win with every bat in the range
    Gold Counter Attack Play 500 rallies
    Gold Extra Time Play 100 games
    Gold Full Tilt Open the International binder
    Gold The Flying Batsman Hit 100,000 Reputation points
    Gold Fool Me Once Win all career events
    Gold First Class Finish Win the World Champs
    Gold Completely Batty Hit 250,000 Reputation points
    Gold You Are The Master Win the World Champs without BOOST
    Gold Hoarder Of Babylon

    Accumulate 70 applications of BOOST




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    And if you're interested in how rare some achievements are, check out this chart I just put together which shows the % of players to get each achievement.

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