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I'm getting really frustrated with the control on this game. I'm not positive that I'm playing it right though. I feel like I miss the ball alot, and I'm not getting a ton of speed or spin on my serve.


I'm basically playing with a "swipe" control where I'm holding my phone with my hands and using my thumb when the ball gets in range to swipe at it in a arching pattern to get spin to the left or right. I then let off the screen with my thumb then wait for the ball to return.


Should I be holding the screen the entire time, then swiping again? Would I find a change in control scheme where the bat is always on the screen beneficial?


I just know it is infuriating playing this game because I seem to randomly miss the ball alot.

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    Hi Jim, sorry for the slow response. We've been doing some updates on the website. 

    There are many different ways to play Table Tennis Touch so I won't pretend that my method is the best but I play with a forefinger on the screen at all times, as if I'm holding the bat ready. My finger rarely lifts off the screen during play, it can be a little exhausting and at times may block your vision but gives me more control on the speed and spin on my shots.

    In the options you can also personalise how the bat appears on screen with different holds and transparency to see the ball better. In the end though the way you play is entirely up to you, perhaps try some other methods and see if you feel more comfortable.

    Hope that helps and sorry again for being so slow to respond.

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