Battle Mode - Questions and Feedback!


Hey everyone,

Battle Mode is out now! Cricket, Shanghai and Count Up are now playable without tokens!

We would love to hear what you guys think about the new modes and suggestions you might have.


Please comment below we can't wait to hear what you think!

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    Craig Nelson

    The battle modes are unrealistic. There is now way someone can hit triple after triple in cricket and not miss at all.

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    Ryan Kerr

    Is it just me or do the darts throw different in count up, Shanghai, cricket? I have a 129.61 and an throw perfect all day in league. But my accuracy changes in other games!

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    Rickell Williams

    I'm still having problems with the"lost connection" message. When 1 or both warning signs flashing, get rebooted and lose the stake. You folks need to replace the coins. I use both the wifi and wifi Direct w/data on. I also agree with what other players have wrote. Well, I'm going to play my toon Blast.
    I'll check it out in a while.
    Love the emojis.

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    Taavili Taylor

    Ok wait a minute WTF?!!!!!! I had one more win to have 9 wins in a row my opponent starts to count down I’m in the waiting and ahead in points so he’s counting down then when it reached 2 it stop and flashed loss connection so why did I lose all my straight winnings and my flame when he was the one that loss connection not me... bullshit!!!!!

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    Kuba Pazdan

    Battlemode Cricket stole 1500 coins twice now, before even 1 dart had been thrown, because my opponent lost connection.

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