Best player on Count Up

That’s me I’m the best player on Count up I have a 55 streak and it only takes me 5-6 darts to beat you. Follow my twitter and I’ll show you screenshots @chrisbianco8

Edit: I’m now on a streak of 81 and My win % is a 100, meet me in the 3rd count up battle I’ll be waiting 😈

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    1837 matches
    80% win rate
    57 game streak

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    Bartosz Olekszy

    As I am completing now the High Five achievement I can't wait to meet you on my way, boy.

    I have clashed already with a few 180s and left all of them in the dust.

    6 darts in High Peak I consider as a failure.

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    LMFAO Christian Bianco I beat you yesterday

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    Hussain Nasir (Edited )

    😂 I have a win streak of 69 😁😜 and 81% win percentage and winning 17.555.125 🤑

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