Option to decline battle match

How about we have a chance to see our opponent and decline the match.

It’s quite frustrating to know you’re gonna throw away 1,500 coins in a cricket match before a dart is thrown.

It would be nice to see an opponent’s winning percentage and number of games played and then be given the option to accept the match or not.

I’d prefer to not play than just throw away the coins in a match I have no chance of winning.

Either that, or only pair up players with similar winning percentages. I’d much rather see a message that says “No opponents of your skill level available” than be paired up with someone that wins 87% of their games and give them 1,500 coins.

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    Iris Adams

    Hi Damon, I can dig it. I like the pairing with someone close to your skill level. I only worry that with your first recommendation, the players who are in a higher percentile, well, we would be twiddling our fingers because there may be fewer folks to play against. So for both ends, there has to be a happy middle. I Think your second suggestion is fantastic.

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    Damon Trahan

    I’m not so sure the higher percentile players would be twiddling their thumbs.

    Because of the fact you have to wager coins, I don’t think any bad players play the battle modes.

    That means that average to slightly above average players like me become the bad players in the battles.

    I think I’m a fairly decent player at this game but I only win about 32% of my cricket games because I’m playing players that hit triples with almost every throw.

    All I’d really like is a chance to say “No thanks” to a game that I can look at immediately and see I won’t win.

    It kind of sucks to lose 1,500 coins in a game that I’d never accept if I knew who I was playing against.

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    I agree. I am ready to quit playing because 7 of my last 8 cricket matches have been with someone who has 10+ levels and 40% or more wins. I lost every one if those games with no chance of winning. It's garbage and not fun to play.

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    Bro im tired of writing the make of the game . You havent seen nothing yet. I will be in a losing streak losing 15,000 coins a game and get matched with league 180 players with winning streak flames and they get to go first and white horse white horse hat trick. Ive lost 300,000 coins in one sitting before. When i see 180 and flames and they go first i will set my phone down and let them get their perfect unfair game and wait for the timer to zero all my darts and i hope they miss a throw to wait one more time. The times i tried to play they smoked me and then laughed at me and asked for a rematch. Many times i forfeited or took my lumps to get past them and start a new game thats fair to get matched with the same player and they go first AGAIN!!!! ITS BULL$%*T!!!!!!! 😤

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    Ramel Olivez

    Players who have already unlocked the highest battle level SHOULD NOT be allowed to return to beginner battle levels. One under, sure. You make money in the middle but it's childish and bad sportmanship to beat up on a player just getting their wings. If you believe in your game and like the challenge of playing the best, I'll see you in the 12 and 30,000 coin Cricket battle. Players with hundreds or thousands of games who win more than 60% of their matches under their belt or, have dart averages over 100 have no business in the low stakes battles period.
    The only ones that do are the ones still holding a grudge against the shady players that beat up on THEM before they learned to fly. I went through same thing and have a list of all my old tormentors. You know who you are. And who I am too...now.
    Don't give up. Revenge is redeemable in DOF!

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