Is there an indication I should look for that shows when I am hitting my own darts?

I think I can tell because the fat darts don’t all fit and I can see how much space they take up.

At first I thought it was the white circle,... but I am not sure?

I’m trying for the 100 hat trick and moving up through the darts means I have fat, normal, then slim.

Just curious.


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    ijao woo

    With fat darts you cannot score hat trick. Try with slim darts.

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    Garth Smitman

    Yeah, I know. I usually do the tournament for the first two dart offerings, then go play the other challenges with the third dart until i’ve Made about 500k,.... so I can repeat the process. Otherwise, I’d buy the premium dart first thing.

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    Kile Kaercher

    You dont have to buy em all. Inonly get the 3rd ones in the set. That way i have time to build up coins. And once you get in higher levels you make more coins, so it gets easier to make enough for the 3rd dart set.

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