Opponentĺĺ bullshit

I havent won a game in 2 days and lost a million coins and cracked the screen on my new phone because this game when i lose matches me almost.every time with a league 180 player who gets to throw first. What kind of shit is that? Its always a 180 league player and if not.someone in a winning streak just as good. To forfeit is a hard thing to do but why watch the end of another perfect game meaning about every game is a perfect game but not me so when i forfeit youd think the next game would be..with someone closer to my league but instead the game gives me the same person i forfeited from to beat me worse and ill wait a minute between games hoping he lwill have started with someone else and i get him again. Now im cool with someone being a good player. Being in league 180 you deserve and should be throwing 9.marks every round and im.proud of you but im 25 leagues behind.you and losing every game i play and trapped playing the best of the best whose winning and robbing my coins and overkilling me to be a dick by throwing 180 rds back.to sck instead of finishing the game and laughing at me. First suck my di#*. Youre 25 leagues above me with winning streakflames and get to throw first and never miss. Wheres the equal challenge giving you bragging rights. Do that to someone in your own league. A 175-180 player.should never throw first. Play falr or dont play

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    Kelley Thurston Lively

    I agree and I can't even find a place to practice. If I want to play cricket after playing 30 1 for days and days I have to look like a fool. If I'm missing a hidden practice board please someone advise me.

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    James Brey

    Is it possible to cheat ? I played a couple people who threw a bullseye 9times in a row ? Any iinfo would be greatly appreciated

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    ijao woo

    It's not possible to cheat, you just have to realize that there are people who can play hat trick 3x in a row. I have done it so many times and I saw so many people with the same skill.
    You have to use slim darts to do the trick and to practice throwing. Every league have 3 dart packages: fat, medium and slim. And also you can always buy premium darts.

    You can practice in training mode and even in tutorial.

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