Now, I’m not the best dart thrower, I’ll be the first to admit it, buuuuut, how is it that guest 97611 can hit 5 Shanghai’s in a row? I would like my 5k gold back as I really suspect cheating or AI.

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    Mike Herrmann

    Yep. Lvl 2 player and other Bots in there... Or Lvl difference 50+... Balancing is power... Cheating is power... 😕

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    Kevin Clark

    This game is ruined by cheats. Shanghai every go. I don't care what darts you have every game this happens.

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    Can you please tell us how people cheat in this game ?
    It has it's flaws but i don't think cheating is going on.
    Some people can be 180 & still sign in has a guest.

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    John Millhench

    I would have to agree I just got done playing to games of Cricket in which I won the first game by a large point margin, then my opponent ask for a rematch in which every dart he threw landed on a triple point. I don't just mean every other dart I'm talking about every time he threw it landed on a triple. Now if that isn't cheating I don't know what is. You say there's no way for someone to cheat, well unfortunately I believe you to be wrong. I refuse to play any game weather it be on my phone or in person where someone is cheating. Look into and fix it or lose customers.

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    Richard Jasso

    I play all the time 5 Shanghai is possible almost everytime. I go into practice every time I play and make sure I get under 30 on pro for warm, every time you upgrade you have to practice the balance and wieght are different, some days I’m 180 and some I’m 140 it just changes on how dialed in you are that day, no cheats just lots of games and practice

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    Complete bogusness. I lost 1 game then asked for rematch. I was supposed to throw 1st upon the rematch. When throwin my darts did not show up causing me to timeout every time!

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    Ramel Olivez

    I've experienced that and don't know what's up with it! There's no dart on the screen to throw! When you're putting up 15,000 coins on a's just wrong. It's happened more than a few times which is why I no longer play rematches. Sorry.
    As for cheating...
    There's only one true way I've seen and it involves using a stencil like cover on your screen which can be made to allow for your finger to only traverse the path on screen to the point you want but, that's not what's happening here. I'm not saying people who use gem or cash bought darts DON'T get an advantage or not using league certified darts allows you a disadvantage cuz it does. I've bought "premium" darts which are almost impossible to miss a point. All of them deteriorate though and it's no fun using a gun in a fistfight. If you really enjoy it, you will acquire skill you can rely on and adjust to the games demands. Buying a VIP package is cool if you want to move up quicker but I don't give them money for darts, ever. It hurts your game in the long run.

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