Now, I’m not the best dart thrower, I’ll be the first to admit it, buuuuut, how is it that guest 97611 can hit 5 Shanghai’s in a row? I would like my 5k gold back as I really suspect cheating or AI.

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    Mike Herrmann

    Yep. Lvl 2 player and other Bots in there... Or Lvl difference 50+... Balancing is power... Cheating is power... 😕

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    Kevin Clark

    This game is ruined by cheats. Shanghai every go. I don't care what darts you have every game this happens.

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    Can you please tell us how people cheat in this game ?
    It has it's flaws but i don't think cheating is going on.
    Some people can be 180 & still sign in has a guest.

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