New Game Ideas for Battle

Not sure if anyone else is finding the three available games for battle a bit stale, but I know I have gotten there. The battles are basically the same thing every time you play.
The few times that the weekend live event has been Halve-it or the Shanghai with random numbers they’ve been fun and somewhat refreshing. It would be nice if the battle games included Halve-it and Shanghai (both with random numbers) and a more advanced version of the 501 game, like 901 with double-in/double-out. Or maybe the climbing game with double in - double out.
..just a thought..

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    I find the battle modes very tedious dude
    Especially when you reach 180.
    There is nothing there exciting now too keep you going.
    I think these dudes need too upgrade it.
    League (Champions ) 170 Above
    Friends list
    Chat options.
    Weekly winner ( coins & gems )
    Get rid of that shot bot ( annoying )

    Surely there are a lot more

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    Mike Kesselring

    Definitely get rid of the shot bot!! & Leagues would be amazing, there’s so much they could do to make the game better.. I like your ideas!

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