Is it darts of fury because it’s infuriating? Is so frustrating that it gifts your opponent the match and the wagered coins if the connection is “lost” even if you’re miles ahead... especially as the connection is obviously good enough to show the damn countdown timer kicking you out, and then the loss animations giving away your coins... It’s hard enough grinding out coins as it is when the cost of new darts is so disproportionate to the amount of coins and gems you can win. I just haemorrhaged 6000 coins in “lost connections” with nothing wrong with my internet, and I’m still struggling along with the worst set of darts from 2 leagues below the one I’m supposed to be currently playing in because it’s so expensive to get the recommended set for this level. It also regularly pairs you against players over twice your level, who are obviously going to win the majority of the time! Overall this game has massive issues for people who don’t want to P2P and is just another one of the many money grabbing game apps out there that don’t care about player experience. I can’t be the only one experiencing these kinds of issues with DoF?

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    Hudson Lee

    I give up on here 2 weeks ago.
    Had a issue with DOF I emailed them and never got a reply.
    So my money now is going on COIN MASTER.
    More fun and it's addictive and the customer service are very quick getting back to you.
    I can't see this game lasting another 6 months unless they do vast changes on here to make it more fun.
    It totally tedious now.

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    Kelli Southern

    Keeps happening to me too. I think they are doing it on purpose, I’ve lost about 2000 coins the last couple of days.

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    Carl A. de Gersdorff

    Why is it in speed Shanghai when time runs out players still score? Very annoying!

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    Ramel Olivez

    I agree on the loss of coins.
    I woke up one morning and a half million coins we're just gone. $350,000 another time, however my coinage has been safe since last update and game runs much smoother. That timeout phenomenon where your opponent still throws in speed battles is also annoying. Love the speed cricket nonetheless.
    It should be a permanent battle variation.

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