What this game needs...

1. The ability to see your opponent's win streak.
2. The ability to see detailed info about your opponent
3. The ability to play against friends
4. The ability to send texts to your opponents
5. Tournaments to win jewels and/or darts

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    Michael Kozlowski

    Btw, I am a 100 level player, "Michael" and my pic is that of Austin Powers.

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    Kuba Pazdan


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    Deron Dazley

    To get rid of your dart unstablness that make the game retarted. Having to upgrase and buy a new set so they shht right

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    Scott Verba

    I've had better luck with the beginner darts then with the ones that I spent good time and money buying all day long. Until it seems as though they get worn out because I'm supposed to buy new darts according to the game Who constantly requests you buy an upgrade Dart. After that the game goes to shit it until you spend money

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    D Crosby Sa

    It would also be nice to have teams of no more then 50 per team and tournaments against other teams.

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