Dp income pretty low for 501, isnt it? U doing 10 shots at least. Should be more. And if u going second u have to 9 dart every game, i dont have problem with that but levelling should be more easy. Game becomes boring slowly and surely. Can u guys do something about it. Tnx fot the all answers

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    Yakuto Support

    Hi Mehmet, 

    501 is not intended to be a money earner and is there more to train your skills and unlock new dart sets.

    To earn coins I would suggest you play the battle modes.




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    Gary Mulconery

    I am sick and tired of playing against cheaters who take their last shot over again because they missed the first time. I am through with this app and will uninstall it and tell everyone to not bother downloading an app that condones cheating. Good riddance.

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