6 dart finishes from opponents

Wow, just played three games in Pelicans league and every opponent finished in 6 darts. That's tough competition!

Also, had to laugh when the coin box had 25 coins in it and I was asked whether I wanted to watch an ad to double the prize!

You guys are having a laugh.

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    Alan Darragh

    Then after they insult you with that windfall of riches, they ask if you wanna buy a $15k set of darts! Lol, how do these people sleep at nite??

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    Gary Mulconery

    DF is not the only one out there trying to get their greedy little hands in your wallet. Some of these app you can't try out unless you " buy in". It seems to get worse every year too. If they want me to buy whatever to play I say " buy this sucker" (middle finger in air) then uninstall.

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