Horrible Match Making

The match making in this is absolutely horrible. Going up against someone that is 30+ levels than I am, I have no shot at winning. No matter if it’s count up, Shanghai, or cricket. Might have to give up on this game. I have a feeling they won’t do anything about the horrible match making. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

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    Alan Darragh

    Played shanghai, the guy didn't miss a 3x once. If he's (that) good, so be it...good for him, etc. But yeah, match him up with someone else then...should be 3 categories (rookie, amatuer, pro) with varying ante's that correlate. Once you've hit a certain rank, no going back to pick on the little guy...period. My main concern is whether these "people" are actually people at all. I've played a lot of apps on my fone as of late...suppose thats my fault in general. Anyway, in my opinion...NO GAME that people invest (real) money in, should have bots in it to snatch it away. How companies are allowed to get away with it, is beyond me. ALL PLAYERS should be required to have a picture of themself...not a plant, used rubber or some silouhette b.s. A PERSON beat me, so be it...any of the above or some other variation, just makes me wanna hunt down the makers of said game and take back the money they stole outta their corporate, sleezebag, asses! But thats just me...aparrently.

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