I played ans win with all bats but I don't have thé achievement. There is a specific way to get this achievement ?

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    DOF Support

    It’s very likely you haven’t played with the first bat (the Lost & Found). Go back and play with that one - it has to be in a Career match event like a throwdown, league or tournament.

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    Edwin Perkins
    • Hi, let me assure you, that talking a game is as important to back it up with your skills. I been playing real tournaments since 1980. I have ping~pong back, learn self taught & some help from God of the game,table tennis magazine. &,it always help to know what style your in & how u use your skills &your racket × ping~pong asa way of life, just remember one thing, one serve on the other side & keep it there, you cannot lose if it don't come back in play, skills and a winning approach to each serve to a positioning of ball so you can replay with a control hit /smash/spin/ speed & defeat will be that guy looking at you right on their loss of the game/set/ match.? EJP I can still smoke the very best ×!!
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