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I always log into a game via Google, but if I try to login with my Facebook account, will I still have all my coins, gems, current league and all darts or it's just like new account?

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    Yakuto Support



    Logging with with your Facebook will create a new account, with your Facebook details. 

    We are currently working on a feature to let players to migrate their accounts from Google to Facebook, enabling them to play vs their friends.




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    Gary Mulconery

    If I do log in with facebook (I thought I did) will the account I have now disappear into cyber space or will I then have two accounts?

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    ijao woo

    So you've merged both Google and Facebook accounts and I cannot get back to Google. 

    I've  tried  to logout many times, and everytime when I login via Google, name and picture are from Facebook. How can I fix this?

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