What’s Everyone’s Longest Streak?

Since there is currently no way of seeing anybody’s information other than their name, profile picture, and dart average/win percentage for a particular game type, I thought it would be fun to share what everyone has managed to make it to as far as their streak.

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    Mireia Carretero

    Yo hice una racha de 11 victorias, luego me salió como oponente un nivel 119 y en 10 dardos me ganó...

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    Mike Kesselring

    Level 60
    3-dart avg is 147.08
    Overall win % is 93
    Best winning streak is 50 (cricket and the weekend events are pretty much the only games I play)

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    Think mine was seven but I just started.

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    Gary Mulconery

    Mine is 14 with a 11 and a few 9's. I play 501 double out and 301 count up. Then they put me up against a cheater who takes their last shot over again because they missed the first time and I get pissed and dump the stupid app. I don't like my fire being put out by a cheater!

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