I'm pretty new at the battle part. I've played battles before but never on a consistant basis. Now that I'm more experienced in the dart game period, I'm trying to play more battles. But, I'm getting really discouraged with DOF. In the battle Shanghai, I'm ranked at 10%. And 95 % of the time, I'm matched against players with 79% , 65% 85% . It's just ridiculous, I dont stand a chance against that level of competition, and its plain not fair. I can feel the opposing players laughing, and there is never any mercy, they can obviously see, after three Shanghais, and I still have like only 10 points. They run the score up. It's really disheartening, and discouraging. Now I dont want to play any more. DOF, NEEDS TO REGULATE THEIR MATCH MAKING SYSTEM, AND MAKE IT FAIR. PEROID!!!

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    Ramel Olivez

    Don't know why Shanghai is EVEN on battle menu.
    It's kind of ridiculous in scoring and play.
    Try Cricket.
    They should dump Shanghai and add speed variations to other games permanently?

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    Gary Mulconery

    I refuse to play it. Tried it once and got smoked. I don't need to be humiliated anymore. I get enough of that from life itself thank you very much.

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