DOF General Discussion

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Golden Eagle
Scott Carrier |
Purchase problem
Jay C Carr |
Aneta Štrombachová Pravdová |
Customer support
Jason Wagaman |
Unlocking the other half of the designs ? Level 121 still no additional unlocked !?!
Shawn Lucas Whitehead |
Lost Connection every time
Abel Gutierrez |
Adding People
Cally Adele |
Stop allowing my device on your game or I'll end your days
summer cunningham |
We are on europe
Paweł Chrobak |
Lost Connection
Jeffrey Smart |
i cant play against friends why ?
Kaycee Gutierrez |
Migration account
Blanariu Florin |
Paying for darts
Denfitzpat11 |
Google and Facebook login
ijao woo |
Michael Blankenship |
What’s Everyone’s Longest Streak?
Dylan |
Cash in coins for gems
Maggs |
Ranking system
Calvin Tomlin |
One on prctice
Elizabeth Martin |
501 tower gameplay
Mehmet |
Your name not gonna change?
Mehmet Taylan |
Comunicarse con los jugadores y jugadoras
Jesus Montiel |
League is not Real-Time
Freek Molema |

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