DOF General Discussion

Horrible Match Making
Mike Wilson |
Vip subscription
John Smith |
6 dart finishes from opponents
James Qualter |
Whoever goes first wins!
Eli Strait |
Marek Pietruszewski |
So annoying!
Jay |
Live stream?
Gašper Borovnik |
Players to Vent About
Michael Kozlowski |
What this game needs...
Michael Kozlowski |
Add friend
Gašper Borovnik |
Vip status
Corinna69101 |
The game can't identify me
Xenia A. Kulikova |
RTW scoring
bezz tastic |
Ryan Kerr |
Cost of new darts
James Sherwood |
David Beshears |
Poor form!!
Mike Wemple |
Playing recorded games
Kaylee Parker |
Al K Barwick |
Chat and friends
Ryan Kerr |
180 & Backwards
Tellyoursisteralfhucker |
New Game Ideas for Battle
Mike Kesselring |
So question
Kelley Kirwan |
Lost connection
Pete Need |
Chris Be |
Profile pic
Warren |
301 & 501 Training
Paul Homer |
What comes after Golden eagle? Is that the end?
Ryan Sanderson |
Logging out
Steven Carier |

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