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Ranking in Battle Mode?
Dillion Littlefield |
Player pics loading onto my phone
Edoskotch |
Strike own dart
Garth Smitman |
Best Cricket game ever
Bartosz Olekszy |
Janet McGrath |
Player profile page
Option to decline battle match
Damon Trahan |
Color of the flame
ijao woo |
Symbols for players?
Garth Smitman |
dart performance in battle
Dio Ronquillo |
How to invite players
Scott N Tracy Mcneely |
Blatant bots
Chris Joynes |
Best player on Count Up
Chris |
Tyler Howell |
Todd M. Foughty |
Highest Cricket score
ijao woo |
Halve It not working?
Elijah Kupono Foster |
Doubling XP or gold
Ed Fortin |
Coins to Diamonds/ Leaderboard
Steve Wooten |
Shot bot
Warren |
Achievement issue
Bartosz Olekszy |
Closest to Center to START First
Doug Walker |
Special Online Competition Event
Steven Foo |
Dart stats
Update 2.0.0905
Daniel Beck |
Who plays who
Terry |
Paul Homer |
To say Hi
Sherry LaFrance |
Unsolicited Ads
David Boeke |
more than one leg?
Ali Yahya |

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