DOF General Discussion

Is it better to have a higher average or a lower?
Fandomgaminggirl |
Stability of Darts dropping
Xavier Low |
Throw a perfect game or lose
Chris Whitney |
Love the game
Blaster |
Tips to get better :)
Chris Loucks |
Invalid busts
Jake Ivory |
Leaderboard/Stat board
Chris Loucks |
Perfect game achievement not working
Bryant Tran |
Wow, just wow.
Trash |
Thx for...
Stoccarda Citta |
Can't sign into Google
F900EX |
Please add local multiplayer!!!
Mike N |
Des |
Is this really a multiplayer online game?
Jonathan Suryadharma |
Possible improvements?
Jose Serrato |
Battle against friends
Philip Wahlberg |
Great game!
Marcus Leong |
New game mode
Jack Nutter |
Stoccarda Citta |
Perfect game.
Tyler W |
We Need more tokens...
Justin Paris |

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