DOF General Discussion

Why is there no level indicator?
G “Dazeking” Dazeking |
Boss Fight
Lenny |
Has anyone noticed...
Matt Loiselle |
How does it decide who goes first in tournament?
Kardjunkie |
Guest account
Hedy |
SFX setting
Joe Boyd |
cant sign into gmail
Ancient Jesus |
Explaining how each game works
Diego Escudero |
Jekarotako |
Game length
DG G |
Double in double out
Rob Kristie |
How do I change my profile picture in Darts of Fury
Jeannie Kennedy |
Darts of fury
Weskinnas |
Carla Mayers |
PB keeps resetting
Stuart Birch |
Is it better to have a higher average or a lower?
Fandomgaminggirl |
Stability of Darts dropping
Xavier Low |
Invalid busts
Jake Ivory |
Leaderboard/Stat board
Chris Loucks |
Perfect game achievement not working
Bryant Tran |
Can't sign into Google
F900EX |
Possible improvements?
Jose Serrato |
Stop allowing my device on your game or I'll end your days
summer cunningham |
Live stream?
Gašper Borovnik |
Chris Be |
Never Play Count Up
Jason Wood |
Battle Matchmaking
David Hager |
Tyler Howell |

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