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Yakuto Support |
Closest to Center to START First
Doug Walker |
All that’s needs to be done.....
Chris Loucks |
selling darts
Shaun Neaves |
Color of the flame
ijao woo |
Blatant bots
Chris Joynes |
Cricket please!
Danita Lopez |
Is this really a multiplayer online game?
Jonathan Suryadharma |
Terry Moss |
Coins to Diamonds/ Leaderboard
Steve Wooten |
Tournament and team
Patrice LEFORT |
Not fair.
Jakub Januszewski |
Jimmy Harris |
Please explain how this makes sense...
Forest Nance |
Tip4all, Liga17, LvL 152
Stoccarda Citta |
Throw a perfect game or lose
Chris Whitney |
Battle against friends
Philip Wahlberg |
Great game!
Marcus Leong |
Perfect game.
Tyler W |
Christmas event?
Yolanda Washburn |
Option to decline battle match
Damon Trahan |
How to invite players
Scott N Tracy Mcneely |
Doubling XP or gold
Ed Fortin |
Special Online Competition Event
Steven Foo |
more than one leg?
Ali Yahya |
Fail to connect
Koen Bracke |
Marc |
Shot Bot
Warren |
Training should be free!!!!!
Diego Escudero |
Tips to get better :)
Chris Loucks |

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