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    All that’s needs to be done.....

    Let us know when we are playing live or not, Including being able to text. Set up the leaderboard as you said you would. Then I might actually be interested in paying for coin or gems, I can now...

  • Chris Loucks created a post,

    What’s with the personal best changing every day

    Every time I log in and play my Personal best changes. I have had 9 dart checkout at 501. But the next day I start over form some reason. Why? It should stay the same league to league level to ...

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    So wait, What is being said is that previous games of offline players have been cached? If so, they only threw a certain number of darts for that game. If so, that means I have games I threw 6,7...

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    Tips to get better :)

    So all you guys and gals out there, I have noticed some things about the various matches we play. I personally have a strategy for my first few darts, but even when I’m am missing the triples or...

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    Thanks guys! That will be cool! Hey one other thing? Any discussion on double OR triple out?

  • Chris Loucks created a post,

    Leaderboard/Stat board

    Yes as the title states would be very nice to have a stat board. I know there are some players I have been up against and lost and then seen them again and won. Since the progression of levels an...