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    dart performance in battle

    Yakuto, when 2 players in battle have a signifigant level difference (example player1 level 120 player 2 level 80) does this effect the performance of the darts like it does in league? does player...

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    you spent real money and still quit? MAN UP GUYS haha. are you guys getting beat on 9 dart checkouts when you go 2nd? basically getting breat before you can at least throw 9 negating any possibilit...

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    hey Chris, may i ask what is your level and 3 dart average? at my level 126 avg122 a 9 dart checkout is the only way to win. Why would you delete the game? you dont lose anything when you lose a l...

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    at the start of every cricket game each player throws 1 dart closest to center goes first. in the third tier of cricket going 1st is practically an insta win

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    2nd seconded, thirded!!!! in the highest tier of cricket it’s pretty much an insta win for whomever goes first. as a courtesy if i go first and win i ask for and accept rematch request, since it ...